Tensky SKY-M200

A: The time it takes to dry is up to your hair type. For shorter hair it usually takes 2-3 minutes to fully dry. For longer hair (shoulders & down) it generally takes around 5-12 minutes for a complete dry.

A: The first button on the handle is for speed setting, there are 2 options, slow and high-speed airflow. The second button is for the heat setting, there are 4 options, cool, warm, hot, and alternate cool and hot. Set the hair dryer as you wish.

A: The air inlet nozzle is at the bottom of the handle, unscrew the air inlet nozzle counterclockwise, and then wipe the filter with an old toothbrush or a cotton swab to remove the dust attached to the filter.

A: Our hair dryer is configured with earth leakage protection. If the dryer can’t turn on, press the test button first to check your circuit breaker firstly. If everything is OK, then press the reset button on the plug to empower the hair dryer.

A: It weighs 1.26lbs(570g) and is 10.94 inches(270mm) long from the top of the handle to where the cord begins, 3.51 inches(89.2mm) wide from the back of the dryer body to the front, 2.68 inches (68mm)wide across the body. The cord length is 5.9ft.

A: With regular use of about 5 minutes every day, your Tensky M200 will last for up to 32 years. That’s really impressive.

A: Absolutely! We ship fast and free throughout the United States, with rare exceptions. Check out our shipping information here.

A: The Tensky M200 US version has been designed for North America homes and is not rommended to be used in other countries.

A: Due to the high air velocity, it is more helpful to use the concentrated nozzle to avoid tangling. Meanwhile, try using the dryer with a hairbrush or round brush in your other hand as you dry to help focus airflow on the desired section of hair.

A: Basically, if anything goes wrong with your dryer AT ALL- we’ve got you. We’ll repair or replace anything that isn’t working like it should for you and your amazing hair. For more details, click here.


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