The Difference Between Cheap And Tensky Hair Dryers?

The Difference Between Cheap And Tensky Hair Dryers?

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There’s something supremely satisfying about walking out of a salon with a fresh blowout, voluminous hair falling just so after your hairstylist works their magic with a blow dryer and brush.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a flawless at-home blowout or simply wanting to get the water out of your hair quickly, a hair dryer is a must. You can pick up a hair dryer for less than $50, but if you’ve got your eye on the tensky hair dryer, it’ll set you back $159. What gives?

Fast drying, perfect styling: Tensky’s powerful airflow dries any kind of hair, in half the time of regular hair dryers.
High-speed Air multiplier technology: The Tensky’s high-speed brushless motor provides unrivalled air speed and volume.

Ultra silent, yet powerful: Designed with high precision to work at only 59dB, reducing noise in half.


No extreme heat means healthier hair: Our precise Thermo-Control technology protects your hair from extreme heat damage and keeps it smooth and healthy. 


Negative ION Technology: With 200,000,000 negative ions / cm3, Tensky’s hair dryer boosts your hair’s shine and smoothness and reduces frizz and dryness.


Light and compact for travelling: Its lightweight and compact design fit in a regular handbag or suitcase.
Safe and risk-free: Featuring a nylon and glass fibre shell for overheating and overcurrent protection; a high-density filter and a fire-resistant frame for risk-free use. 

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