How to find a high-quality hair dryer on a budget

How to find a high-quality hair dryer on a budget

It's a well-known fact that wherever there is a Dyson product, there is a cheaper alternative. In 2016, Dyson's Supersonic hair dryer was launched, promising to revolutionize the blow dryer industry. After seven years, it's evident that Dyson's entry into the beauty technology market was significant. However, you don't necessarily have to spend over $400 to achieve the desired hair drying experience at home.

What sets the Dyson Supersonic apart from other hair dryers?

Well, as expected from Dyson, it boasts a futuristic and updated design that immediately caught attention upon its release. In contrast to the standard WALL-E-like blow dryer, the Supersonic is the Eve of the hair dryer world.

But it's not just about looks. The Supersonic's design serves a purpose. Instead of the conventional vented and coiled model, the Supersonic has a ring-shaped head that houses the small V9 motor in the handle. This unique combination of the V9 motor and Air Multiplier technology allows the Supersonic to weigh in at a mere 1.8 pounds while still providing a robust airflow that operates quietly compared to traditional hair dryers.

The Supersonic hair dryer not only delivers exceptional results but also ensures minimal damage to your hair. It achieves this by measuring the air temperature up to 20 times per second and utilizing a built-in ionizer to minimize static and create a sleek finish. Let's delve into a quick science lesson about ionizers.

Ionizers are commonly found in high-end hair dryers because they emit negative ions that reduce static electricity by sealing the hair cuticle, reducing the strength of the positive ionic charge responsible for frizz. When negative ions come in contact with wet hair, they disperse the positive ions in the water, which ultimately reduces drying time and minimizes damage. This is one of the reasons why the Dyson Supersonic provides such fast and excellent results, and why ionizers are a valuable feature that comes at a premium cost - they do more than simply dry your hair.

The Supersonic hair dryer offers a futuristic touch with its magnetic attachments that quickly snap onto the device. This impressive feature includes five attachments - a styling concentrator, a flyaway attachment, a diffuser, a gentle air attachment, and a wide tooth comb. This diverse range of included nozzles is a considerable advantage, even among high-end dryers that usually only come with three to four attachments.

What Makes the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer So Expensive?

The Dyson Supersonic's price point of $429 can be quite a significant investment. However, this premium price tag includes a durable, high-quality motor, multiple heat settings to protect your hair, an innovative design, and advanced ionic technology. While other popular hair dryer brands such as T3, ghd, and Harry Josh offer some similar features, their prices range from $150 to $350. However, none of these options quite match the comprehensive features and benefits of the Supersonic.

Choosing the Perfect Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Alternative

The market is saturated with high-end hair dryers, along with numerous Amazon alternatives that imitate the Dyson Supersonic's appearance but compromise on quality.

While it’s not entirely feasible to find an exact one-to-one Supersonic experience for a fraction of the price, it is possible to find a dupe you’re more than satisfied with. The trick is to identify what exactly draws you to the Supersonic in the first place.

Tensky Sky-M200 High-Speed Hair dryer

The Tensky bears a close resemblance to Dyson's Supersonic design, unlike the cheaper knock-offs found on Amazon. Priced at $129.99, it offers magnetic attachments and a signature Dyson air sound, but what makes it stand out is its simplicity. As a daily blow dryer user with bangs, Tensky's compact and lightweight design made it easy for me to use. Its two air speeds are strong, and the negative ions made for a smooth dry. Although I wished for more temperature settings while diffusing my wavy hair, the hottest setting never felt too hot. The dryer's design is also simple, with a single switch for airspeed and one button for adjusting temperatures. At $129.99, it's slightly expensive but still over $300 cheaper than the Dyson and is often on sale for even less.

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