How to choose the right hair dryer?

How to choose the right hair dryer?

Have you ever felt extremely stressed while choosing a new blow dryer, to the extent that you prefer to keep the outdated one you've had since college? It's time to let go of the old and embrace the new! We're here to simplify all the perplexing jargon and assist you in selecting the perfect blow dryer for your hair. Your blow dryer is the foundation of a beautiful hair day!

1.What's the high-speed hair dryer?

Brushless motors power high-speed air dryers, which can reach speeds exceeding 100,000rpm. These dryers generate rapid airflows that quickly dry hair without causing excessive heat. They also produce less noise, faster airflows, better hair care results, and reduced drying time compared to standard hair dryers.

2.Positive Ions versus Negative Ions?

A blow dryer made of metal or plastic that emits positive ions can result in frizzy, dull, and unhealthy-looking hair by damaging the cuticle. On the other hand, Ionic dryers, which produce negative ions, help retain moisture and eliminate frizz, as well as static, resulting in a smooth and sleek finish. Additionally, tourmaline-coated dryers, with minerals that naturally emit negative ions, can make hair shinier.

3.Should you opt for high or low wattage?

A hair dryer's power and heat output increase with higher wattage. While there isn't a specific wattage recommended for each hair type, you can always lower the heat while still benefiting from the higher power. Typically, a range of 1300-1875 watts is a good range to consider.

4.Multiple speeds and heat settings

Select a blow dryer that features multiple speed and heat settings along with a "cool shot" button. It's crucial to adjust your heat settings based on your hair type, much like you would with a flat iron. It's not always better to use more heat. Thicker, denser hair can withstand higher heat settings, whereas thin and delicate hair requires lower heat settings.

You can use the cool shot button once your hair is 80% dry to set your curls or style.

5.Lightweight design

When selecting a hair dryer, consider its weight since we spend a significant amount of time blow drying our hair. Avoid choosing a bulky and heavy dryer and instead opt for one that weighs 1lb or less to prevent shoulder fatigue and back pain.

Most blow dryers come with nozzle attachments, and it's crucial to have them. The wide nozzle is ideal for drying long and thick hair by expanding the airflow.

There you have it.

Having learned what features to consider when buying a new blow dryer, you can now confidently replace your old one and invest in a tool that will safeguard your hair, produce shine, and leave you with a look you'll adore!
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